Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Linda M. Hasselstrom's "A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun".

1. According to Hasselstrom, why does she carry a gun? In one sentence, summarize her rationale.
- She said that she was safer when carrying a pistol.

2. List the specific events that led Hasselstrom to her decision to carry a gun.
- When camping she and a friend were threatened by two men and no one would help them.
- When driving alone, a car of four men tried running her off the road so they could hurt her.
- One day she was home alone and a man with a shotgun approached her house.
- One night she returned to her home and a light was on that she didn't remember leaving on. She thought someone might have been in her house and she felt vulnerable.

3. Other than carrying a gun, what means of protecting herself did Hasselstrom try? Why would she find them unsatisfactory? Can you think of other strategies she could have adopted instead of carrying a gun?
- She tried keeping spray cans of deodorant with her. She considered using a CB radio to call for help if needed, but the only worked best along line-of-sight and she lived in a hilly land. She took a kung fu class, but she had read articles about woman who got raped and beaten even though they were well trained in martial arts.

4. Where in the essay does Hasselstrom express her reluctance to carry a gun?
-Paragraph 12... "With some reluctance I decided to try carrying a pistol."

5. Where else does she touch on the possible pitfalls of carrying a gun?
- In paragraph 13. She says that "gun possession might increase your danger unless you know you can use it".

6. What does Hasselstrom mean when she says, "The pistol just changed the balance of power"?
- Instead of Hasselstrom being fearful of the men, when she had the pistol, they were afraid of her.